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Pest Control Calendar

Your Brisbane Pest Control Calendar

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a pest control calendar to keep you informed about what pests are likely to become a problem and when?

Luckily our pest control experts know a thing or two about the most common pest problems in Brisbane and when they are likely to appear, so here’s our seasonal guide to help you protect both your family and your home, all year round.

Autumn Pest Problems

Most of us are used to thinking of spring and summer as peak season for fleas, but the truth is that Autumn is when you are most likely to notice a flea infestation in your home.

While waiting for a host, fleas lurk in sheltered areas like overgrown grass, or beneath leaf litter, both of which are irresistible to your cat or dog! Hidden under your pet’s fur, they then come into your home where they infiltrate your pet’s bedding and your carpets – and their rapid breeding cycle can make them tough to eradicate without professional help.

Rodent Season

Winter is rodent season on our pest control calendar.

It’s natural for us as human beings to seek out a warm and cosy spot indoors when the cold weather arrives – and rats and mice are attracted to your home for the exact same reasons, and not to hibernate.

In addition to being a serious health hazard, rodents can be extremely destructive as they gnaw and chew on everything from electrical cables to skirting boards.

Winter also tends to be dry here in Brisbane, which can lead to ant problems in your home. While some think that ants coming inside is a sign of rain coming, it’s more likely they are looking for water, which is why they seem to congregate in wet areas like your kitchen or bathroom.

Spiders in Spring

Spring is when we open up our homes to the fresh air, and spend more time outside, where we are more likely to encounter pests of the eight-legged variety.

Of particular concern here in Brisbane is the venomous redback spider, which lurks in quiet places like under children’s toys, window ledges and outdoor seating. For peace of mind, check for redbacks and organise spider treatment once the calendar has flipped over to Spring.

Protecting your Home from Pests All Year Round

When it comes to summer pest control, the number one problem would have to be cockroaches. While they thrive in our subtropical Brisbane climate all year round, it is during the warm and wet summer months that things can really get out of hand.

Termites also love moisture, so if you find any damp or wet areas around your walls or foundations – for example, from an air conditioner that’s not been plumbed properly – it’s important to arrange a termite inspection immediately.

No matter what time of year, call the A1 Pest Management team if you have a pest problem and we will sort it out for you both affordably and efficiently.

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