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Rodent Pest Control Brisbane

Rodent Pest Control Services

You may not see rats or mice, but if you see any of the following signs in your home or commercial premises, don’t muck around – it’s time to call A1 Pest Management for rodent pest control.

Common Signs of a Rodent Problem

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the contents of your fruit bowl are getting nibbled in the night. Or, it could be:

  • droppings;
  • gnawed electrical cords;
  • chewed cardboard boxes;
  • new holes in your fly screen, even up high (rats are great climbers).

Particularly as we come out of the summer months, rodents are looking for food and warm, safe places to breed.

Rats and mice may take up residence in your tool shed or garage, where they can hide in bags of mulch or similar; under your barbeque or kitchen sink; or help themselves to your pet’s food supply. Plastic bags and containers are no match for their sharp teeth!

The numerous DIY rat removal products and tools on the market can be ineffective, as it’s important to get right to the source of the plague. At A1 Pest Management, we pride ourselves on offering premier pest control at affordable rates.

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A Destructive Pest

Just because they are small, don’t be fooled – rodents can create big problems!

Rats can carry serious diseases, and are known to transmit them. The spreading of many of the most contagious diseases in history, are directly linked to rats.

Rats and mice can be very difficult to evict if they manage to gain access into your home or business, and can cause considerable damage as well as contaminating food:

  • They can chew their way through floor boards, walls, insulation, and cardboard boxes, to create their nests.
  • They can cause fires thanks to their penchant for electrical cables.
  • Rat and mice can also burrow under buildings, scale walls and drain pipes, and flatten themselves out to fit through the smallest of gaps. They love to hide away in places that are rarely disturbed – like your boxes of Christmas decorations!

At A1 Pest Management, we are a family owned business with more than 80 years’ combined experience. We really care about the work we do because this is our business. We’ll always be on time when you call us in, and provide a prompt and thorough service. We offer rat control across Brisbane northside, including Aspley, Bribie Island, Caboolture, Caloundra, Chermside, Deception Bay, Morayfield, Narangba, North Lakes, Redcliffe and up to the Sunshine Coast. Just get in touch and we can come to you.

Rat Control Brisbane northside

You don’t want to share your home or business premises with rodents, so call the team at A1 Pest Management for pest control solutions that are:

  • environmentally sound;
  • kid safe; and
  • pet friendly.

If you require any further information on rat control or would like a free quote, call us today on 0418 564 334 or send us a message about your rodent or other pest control needs.

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