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Termite Treatment Brisbane North

Providing Termite Treatment across North Brisbane

While there are many types of termites, one thing they have in common: the potential to destroy your home, one bite at a time. Termites (or white ants as they are sometimes referred to) are pests that love nothing more than to chew through timber and wood – causing irreparable damage to your home.

Think they can’t affect your home? Remember, even a steel frame or all-brick home still has skirting boards, window sills and door frames made of timber that are vulnerable to termite attack!

Terminating Termites

At A1 Pest Management, we can help with:

  • termite inspections (including pre-purchase inspections);
  • preventative termite treatment,
  • and the eradication of active termites in your house, garden, fencing, trees and tree stumps.

As a family owned business, we understand that cost is an important consideration, so we aim to provide you with professional advice and a cost indication over the phone. Cost depends on where the termites are located, the size of house / tree / stump / wood pile and how bad the infestation is.

Contact A1 Pest Management for Termite Treatment North Brisbane, and discover for yourself why our  motto is:

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Signs you may need Termite Treatment

Some of the tell-tale signs that you may have termites include:

  • hollow sounding/changes to the timber;
  • the noise of insects moving about in walls;
  • discolouration/peeling of paint;
  • and of course seeing the termites themselves.

Termites love our humid Brisbane climate, and are drawn to moisture so you should also inspect any damp or wet areas around your walls or foundations – for example, from an air conditioner that’s not been plumbed properly.

Termite Inspection and Treatment you can Trust

If you suspect you have termites, it’s natural to want to check over your home or yard with a fine tooth comb to try and find the source. Disturbing them, however, could make the situation much worse.

This is why it is very important to call in the experts for a termite inspection as soon as possible. At A1 Pest Management we can usually be on site within 24 hours to provide a professional termite inspection to help protect your house. We are experts in termite treatment and control and know exactly how to find their entry points, prescribe and implement treatment, and advise you on the best possible course of action going forward.

The Dos and Don’ts when you have Termites

IMPORTANT: Please do not disturb termites if found (see below for further information)


  • Arrange for a professional to do a termite inspection as soon as possible. At A1 Pest Management, we aim to arrive within 24 hours of your report of a possible termite problem.
  • Start termite treatment as soon as you can if  it turns out that you do indeed have a termite infestation. The longer you wait, the more damage is done to your property. Termites may be small but the damage they can create in a short amount of time is not!
  • Make sure that any cracks or other entry points are sealed. Doors and windows need greater attention after a treatment.


  • Think that all termite treatments are the same. At A1 Pest Management our treatments are high in effectiveness, low in toxicity and odour.
  • Make the situation worse by attempting any major structural treatment yourself. Leave this to the professionals.
  • Wait the situation out. Termites won’t leave your property and the longer you leave it the more damage that will be done.
  • Let the potential cost of termite treatment put you off. At A1 Pest Management, we provide premier service at an affordable price!

Premier Service at an Affordable Price

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